Together with Rustic Timber – Rustic Interiors showcases a variety of custom made designs. At Rustic Interiors we are constantly working with top interior designers making their gorgeous ideas come to life. At our store you can create your own piece or pick one of our designer items to make your home feel like a luxury lodge at affordable prices. We also have a wide range of fabrics and talented upholsters so we can continue your vision by helping you pick colours and fabrics to go with your home.

Our store has a large range of tables, couches, benches, chairs and more that are handmade on our property. We also specialize in amazing décor that we have sourced from all over Africa. We are Proudly African and all our furniture is made on home soil!


We are always coming up with new ideas for beautiful pieces of furniture. One of our favorite parts of the business is making your idea come to life. Have you been thinking of a piece of furniture that would fit in so well with your décor but don’t have the means to make it? Or have you got a space where you just can’t seem to find anything that’s the right fit? That is where we come in, let us quote you to make your perfect piece!

So customize your furniture at no extra cost!

Find something in our store that you love but its just not the right size, colour or fit?

Please email or pop in so we can assist you in making your ideal piece.



Rustic Interiors has an exclusive showroom in Fourways. We showcase a variety of custom made designs. Our store has a large range of tables, couches, benches, chairs and more that are handmade on our property. Our personalized furniture, décor and artifacts are of the highest quality and are unique to us. Please come have a look!


At Rustic Interiors we are constantly sourcing new and exciting things. We also have relationships with talented artists & craftsmen that are constantly making new items. It is inspiring to us to promote this side of our business and it also allows us to give you pieces that are exclusive, special and truly yours. We will try our best to source the items you see on this page, but if we can’t find the exact item you see, we promise to do our best to find you something similar or even better.


At Rustic Timber & Rustic Interiors we have a creative army that are at the source of making all things stunning. We have woodwork angels that make anything come to life. We are all about making pieces that our unique to us!

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At Rustic Interiors we don’t just supply Johannesburg. We have sent furniture and decor items all around the world. Our biggest clients are global and we have custom built furniture for hotels and lodges in the Seychelles, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and more!


At Rustic Interiors we don’t just supply items from Johannesburg. We bring in amazing pieces from Northern Africa such as Chad, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, We also have talented carpenters in Mozambique as well as our highly creative team in Johannesburg that has been custom making us furniture for more than 20 years!


At Rustic Interiors we have something for everyone. We build great relationships with interior decorators and are constantly working with each other to make beautiful things come to life. We are also open everyday to the public to come in and view our stunning range and also get creative with their ideas!


Custom and Quality Pieces

At Rustic Interiors we create custom and quality pieces at affordable prices, We have been doing so for more than 20 years. We also build great relationships with customers and give each job our utmost care and attention.


Please come view our beautiful shop &  showroom which is on the Rustic Timber property


If there is a furniture or décor item that you are trying to source please send it to us and we will try our best to custom make it or find it for you –


Please send us an email so we can send you the latest catalogues of our range